Salsa Beat Machine

Improve your timing and musicality to salsa music!

Our good friends at Salsa Beat Machine have gifted our subscribers with a speical treat: the perfect practice companion.

Use this generator to create a comfortable tempo for practicing and to become more familiar with the individual instruments in a salsa song. Use the Salsa Beat Machine while learning how to dance salsa with our online video lessons. Start the music at a comfortable learning pace, then challenge yourself by kicking it up a notch!

Play with the volume levels to bring certain instruments out, or mute them out completely. Test out your ability to keep rhythm and count by just selecting the clave and congas. Very few people get to learn with this kind of musical experience, so be sure to take advantage of it in the comfort of your own home!

Also, be sure to check out Merengue tab below for the Merengue Beat Machine.

If the widget above doesn't load, click here to load the Beat machine.