Frequently Asked Questions

What is

We are your destination to learn from the best dancers in the world. We have handpicked the top international dance instructors and digitized their premium lessons to bring you online. Choose your favorite instructors and learn at your own pace, on your own time.

How do I watch lessons?

To watch all the lessons from a studio, subscribe to them via their page. View our instructors.

Are these videos primarily for leaders (males) or followers (females)?

Both! We have lessons from instructors that cover all aspects of dancing for both leaders and followers.

Do I need a partner for

Not at all! It always helps to have a partner to practice with, but you will not need a partner to learn and improve with our lessons.

I'm brand new to salsa! I've never even really learned how to dance before.

Not a problem. Our Salsa Beginners Guide focuses on the absolute basics. Learn how to look and feel great as a dancer through our footwork, moves, and tips.

Are there any minimum commitments for a subscription?

No! There are no contracts on any of our plans, so you may sign up or cancel your account at any time. If you do decide to cancel your account, you'll still be able to access all our videos until 1 month from your last payment.

Don't ever hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

I'm already taking or have taken classes at a studio, will these videos even be useful for me?

Yes! Supplement your learning with a few videos from our site a week and make an incredible amount of progress in record time. Our videos cover many topics and lessons that would normally be impossible to fit into a regular salsa class series.

We have watched hundreds of dancers use our online lessons to improve their dancing faster than everyone else in their classes!

I've been dancing for years now, will your videos help me?

Absolutely! Challenge yourself with our lessons to refine your look on the dance floor, attract more advanced partners, and have even more fun by always having fresh material at your fingertips.

For our most experienced lessons, be sure to take a look at our Advanced series lessons.

Are these videos just for salsa dancing?

No! We have lessons that range from salsa to merengue, bachata, and even zouk. View all of our instructors and their lessons.